“Design is a journey that has no destination as the interaction between good and succesful Design is the reason for anyone to start a new journey. This is how timelessness is born. A perpetual source of emotions and also a way out for expression. This is the whole meaning of Design”

– Georgios Nikolaou


Interior Design – Skin Architecture

Process Description.


After the first meeting with the client, the foundations are laid down based on the client’s request and I translate them into ideas in the form of sketches.

The sketches are analysed together with the client for any adjustments to be made. Then there is the offer of 3D sketches to the client, in order to receive a more realistic depiction of the space, the materials, the functionality and style of the Design.

After the agreement on the final details, we move on to the contractual plans that consist of implementing the directives for the implementation of the idea.

The contractual plans are delivered to the associates who will materialise the project, and agreements are made regarding the costing, time needed, and possible adversities. After all parties reach an agreement, the Designer takes the responsibility of the supervision that everything will work smoothly towards the desired result.